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innerchild's Journal

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I have set this community up because I am an abuse survivor (still struggling) there was no real childhood for me as I grew up. I had to become grown up overnight, I lost the little girl I was. As I heve gone though therapy the child in me has surfaced she is in so much pain and most of the time I see her in my minds eye lonely and abandoned. When I am upset or particularly cry I cry as a child would,react as a child would I have started to try and befriend her and learn to be the child again.
I am a grown woman who has spent much of her life working with children they teach us to see things simply and are honest. I want this to be a place that we can be children again and share dreams and favorite things also stories about our childhood good or bad.
Does that sound weird?

There is a child within us all lets find the lost chidren it could be fun!
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